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Todd and Melanie Shoemaker

We have been actively involved in the world of real estate right here in the Triad area since 2013. We’re not big shots, we’re just local folks who love fixing up homes that need a little extra TLC. We buy houses that are in rough shape, give them a makeover and then find new families to fill them with love and laughter.

What drives us every day is the joy of helping our neighbors. We understand that life can throw some curveballs, and that’s why we treat each person with the care and respect they deserve. When we make a promise, we stick to it  because we want this journey to be as smooth and successful as possible for you and your family.

Todd -House Transformer


Hi, I’m proud to call the Beeson Crossroads area of Kernersville, NC, my home.

My journey in construction and real estate began with childhood memories of building and demolishing, fueled by family support and endless imagination. From Tinker Toys to LEGOs, I honed my skills, crafting structures both real and fantastical.

A pivotal moment came during my youth when I sought work on local farms, driven by a desire to earn and learn. Though initially rebuffed, I persisted, embracing hard work and perseverance—values instilled by my family. This early grit laid the foundation for my future endeavors.

In high school, I delved into drafting and technical drawing, expanding my understanding of construction. Post-graduation, under the guidance of a mentor, I immersed myself in carpentry and contracting while  balancing work with studies towards an Architectural Engineering degree.

Corporate America beckoned, but I craved more than a paycheck. I envisioned a path where I could blend passion with purpose, impacting lives and communities positively. Real estate became my avenue for change—a realm where every project could be a catalyst for transformation.

Reflecting on my journey, I see not just a career but a calling. I’m driven by a mission to create lasting change, to uplift individuals and neighborhoods, and to share peace, hope and love through every project.

So whether you’re toiling in a job that doesn’t fulfill, dreaming of entrepreneurship or seeking a fresh start, know that every step forward is a chance to build something meaningful. Together, let’s craft a future brimming with possibilities, one renovation, one home, and one life at a time.

Born and raised in the Philippines, I proudly embrace my identity as a Filipino—a badge of resilience and ambition forged amidst challenges, political instability and meager means. My journey was marked by determination, especially during my senior year when the Rotary Club’s Student Exchange Program opened doors for me to study in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Returning home, life threw a curveball. My beloved father, role model and  strength battled with lung cancer and left us when I was only 16y/o. His legacy as the town’s beloved doctor fueled my passion to study medicine.  I earned a BS in Physical Therapy from the University of the Philippines.

In 1992, I shifted focus to help support my family. Armed with two suitcases and $300, I set foot again in the US, driven by dreams and resilience. 

Working as a Physical Therapist, I found fulfillment in helping patients’ recover.  Having a hand in regaining mobility, strength and function amidst adversities brought so much joy.  The tumultuous year of 2020 brought unforeseen changes, leading me to pivot into the world of real estate after being impacted by COVID-19 layoffs. 

Alongside my husband Todd, we founded Property Innovestors, LLC in 2012, infusing homes in the Piedmont Triad with new life and purpose. My background in healthcare enriches my approach in real estate, ensuring homes meet special accommodation needs for safety and mobility. I blend aesthetics with functionality, crafting spaces that resonate with buyers’ emotions and budgets.

My commitment extends beyond transactions—it’s about serving with respect, integrity, and expertise as a realtor and investor. But my true passion lies in philanthropy, where I aspire to uplift underprivileged children, build schools, offer scholarships, and sow seeds of hope.

From humble beginnings of 2 suitcases and $300 to where I stand today, every success fuels my mission to give back, to touch lives with the grace and goodness of God that shaped my own journey.

Melanie-Realtor and Physical Therapist

Our Pledge To You

We’re all about fairness and never taking advantage of anyone especially when times are tough. You can trust us to be on your side, always upfront, andwe’ll work hard to find solutions that will benefit everyone.

When you’re in a bind, you need someonewho understands and not someone out to make a quick buck. We’re here to lend a hand, be straight with you and tackle your real estate problemhead-on.

Give us a shot, and you’ll see—we’re just regular folks like you, big on respect, honesty, and giving a fair deal every time.

Types of Houses We Buy

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